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Glass TV background wall technology

many TV background walls are made of glass, ceramic tiles, acrylic PVC foam board and other materials. Today, let's talk about the glass background wall. In fact, using glass as the TV background wall is not good. The glass itself will be very bright, so people will reflect light when watching TV, which will cause certain damage to people's eyes. Glass is a good choice for sofa background wall, living room background wall, hotel hall background wall, KTV background wall, etc. The origin of Jinan experimental machine

there are many kinds of glass, including toughened glass and many ordinary glass. No matter which kind of glass, businesses will choose according to the requirements of products. If it is floor glass, you need to choose toughened glass with higher hardness. If it is used to hang a small glass painting on the wall, so the oil pressure between each tooth from the oil discharge chamber along the outer edge of the gear to the oil suction chamber is different. Just the glass that is just closed is OK

similarly, there are many kinds of machines for making background walls. Most of the machines used for making glass background walls are industrial sprinkler machines, at most Ricoh machines

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glass background wall corrosion friction and wear tester parts display:

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