Technology of the hottest cartridge filter

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Cartridge filter technology

jwst series cartridge filter mainly has the following characteristics:

1. Vertical cartridge structure is adopted to facilitate dust adsorption and ash removal; Moreover, due to the small shaking of the filter material during ash removal, the service life of the filter cartridge is much longer than that of the filter bag, and the maintenance cost is low

2. There is a great risk of dewing caused by using the internationally advanced offline three states (filtering, ash removal, static); Moreover, the ash method avoids the phenomenon of "re adsorption" during ash removal, making the ash removal completely reliable

3. A pre dust collection mechanism is designed, which not only overcomes the shortcoming that the filter cartridge is easy to be worn out by direct dust scouring, but also greatly improves the dust concentration at the inlet of the dust collector

4. The key components that affect the main performance (such as pulse valve) are imported parts, and the service life of the vulnerable part diaphragm exceeds 1million sample fixture times

5. Using the separate injection and dust removal technology, one pulse valve can inject one row at the same time (the maximum number of filter cartridges in each row is 12), which can greatly reduce the number of pulse valves

6. The three state ash cleaning mechanism of pulse valve adopts PLC automatic control, and has two control modes: timing or manual

7. Any combination of filter cartridges with different number of columns and rows can be adopted according to the needs of installation space; The three-dimensional space occupied by the unit filter area is small, which can save a lot of space resources for users and indirectly reduce the one-time investment cost of users

8. Long service life. The service life of the filter cartridge can reach 2 ~ 3 years, which greatly reduces the times of replacing the filter element of the dust collector (the filter element of the traditional bag filter is replaced every 6 months on average). The maintenance is simple, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost of users in the process of use

9. This product is widely applicable to the purification and treatment of industrial dust in iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous smelting, construction cement, mechanical casting, grain light industry, daily chemical industry, tobacco, storage dock, industrial power station boiler, heat supply boiler, urban waste incineration and other industries

II. Equipment structure and working principle

1. Structure

this dust collector is composed of six parts: upper box, ash hopper, ladder platform, support, pulse ash cleaning and ash discharge device

2. Working principle

under the action of the main fan of the system, the dusty gas enters the air box at the bottom of the dust remover from the air inlet at the lower part of the dust remover for the pretreatment of the dusty gas, and then enters the dust removal rooms of the upper box from the bottom; The dust is adsorbed on the outer surface of the filter cartridge, and the filtered clean gas enters the clean gas chamber of the upper box through the filter cartridge and is collected to the air outlet for discharge

as the filtration condition continues, the dust accumulated on the outer surface of the filter cartridge will accumulate more and more, which will correspondingly increase the operating resistance of the equipment. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, the upper limit of the resistance of the dust collector should be maintained within the range of 1400 ~ 1600pa. When this limit is exceeded, the PLC pulse automatic controller should send instructions through constant resistance or timing to remove the dust in three states

the dust cleaning process of the cartridge filter is to first cut off the net gas outlet channel of a room to make the room in a static state of air flow, and then carry out compressed air pulse back blowing for dust cleaning. After several seconds of natural sedimentation, open the net gas outlet channel of the room, which not only cleans the dust completely, but also avoids the secondary adsorption of dust generated by blowing and cleaning, so that the dust is cleaned room by room

III. selection of dust collector

1. Determination of filtration wind speed

filtration wind speed is one of the key parameters of dust collector selection, which should be determined according to the properties, particle size, temperature, concentration and other factors of dust or soot in different applications. Generally, the dust concentration at the inlet is 15 ~ 30g/m3, and the filtration wind speed should not be greater than 0.6 ~ 0.8m/min; The dust concentration at the inlet is 5 ~ 15g/m3, and the filtering wind speed should not be greater than 0.8 ~ 1.2m/min; The dust concentration at the inlet is ≤ 5g/m3, and the filtering wind speed should not be greater than 1.5 ~ 2m/min. In short, in order to reduce the resistance of the equipment, the filtration wind speed should not be too large when selecting the filtration wind speed

22025, filter material

JWST cartridge filter adopts PS or PSU polymer coated fiber filter material. When the filtered gas is at room temperature or below 100 ℃, PS polymer coated fiber filter material is generally used. If it is used in high-temperature occasions, PSU polymer coated fiber filter material should be used. If it is used in occasions with special requirements, it must be explained before ordering, and the filter material should be selected separately

3. Ash discharge form

jwst series filter cartridge dust remover adopts screw conveyor for ash discharge (the dust remover of the column adopts star type dust ejector for ash discharge)

Brief introduction of Wang Gong, the designer of the technical project: he has been engaged in the design, equipment manufacturing, general contracting and other aspects of air pollution control for more than 20 years. There are 20 items of heaters and pressure sensor housings in hemodialysis machines manufactured by PPEK and dental instruments that need to be disinfected Presided over the design of more than 20 large and medium-sized environmental protection projects, presided over the general contracting of 2 large-scale environmental protection projects, involving an investment of nearly 300million yuan. He is one of the main persons in charge of the construction of (electricity to bags), and has rich experience in construction organization and management, It is also "863". The first domestic electrostatic precipitator is changed into a bag type precipitator, and the full set of design scheme of cubic/hour flue gas volume is participated in. The main person in charge of the bag type dust removal design scheme of the 75 ton/hour boiler of Xinghuo thermal power plant... In November 2005, the world's first 65t/h high-temperature and high-pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler (coal, sawdust, old tire mixed fuel) with coal, old tires and a small amount of material products was designed by Teijin miyara Office of Japan Bag type dust collector and 240t/h electric bag composite dust collector have passed the review of Japanese experts,. Outlet dust concentration ≤ 20 mg/Nm3. Shanxi Zuoquan Xinxing smelting plant silicon smelting electric furnace flue gas purification and dust removal, Shanxi Antai coking plant 4000m2 to 6000m2 large fire retardant explosion-proof pulse dust collector in the coke oven dust removal Chongqing Taiji Group Pharmaceutical Factory 20t/h-75t/h coal-fired boiler bag type dust removal system The main design of 660000 m3/h electric bag composite dust collector in the first sintering plant of Jinan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and the overall design of 6000m2 large fire-resistant and explosion-proof pulse dust collector in Linyi Yehua coking plant of Shandong Jiangquan Group

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